Lengthening of Short Stature - Introduction

Dr. Elbatrawy started to do limb lengthening surgery since 1995.

Until the year of 2012, Dr. Elbatrawy successfully lengthened more than 3000 patients (pathological and cosmetic).

Many patients have a pathological condition that need lengthening to equalize one limb to the contra lateral normal one.

Some short people like to have the operation for cosmetic reasons.

Many short stature persons did successfully lengthening procedures with Dr. Elbatrawy and followed up in his centre: Cairo International Center for Limb lengthening and Reconstruction (www.cicllr.com) in Cairo. Some of them are from: USA, Australia, UK, Sweden, Turkey, Jordan, Yemen, Saudia, ……etc ).

All Doctor Elbatrawy patients are excellent references to him..

Most of the complications that occur with limb lengthening are avoidable with an expert limb lengthening surgeon having good experience such as Dr. Elbatrawy.

Dr. Elbatrawy is a professional limb lengthening surgeon. He stopped doing regular orthopedic operations since 1997. Since this date he is only doing limb lengthening, deformity correction and complex intra and juxta – articular fractures management using external fixation and minimal invasive internal fixation.

Shortening operation: In some very tall individuals where their height is a problem, a shortening operation could be done.

Also, Dr. Elbatrawy treats many children having clubfoot or congenital talipes equino varus problem using Ponseti technique in his center weekly every Tuseday.

Dr. Elbatrawy introduced this technique in Egypt in 2002 after he learnt it from Dr. john Herzenberg and Dr. Ignacio Ponseti in USA.

Dr. Elbatrawy conducted and shared many courses to teach young doctors in Egypt the technique of Ponseti method.

Dr. Elbatrawy was invited in many congresses and courses in USA, Europe and Asia to teach Ponseti method as well as teach deformity correction and limb lengthening in several workshops.

Dr. Elbatrawy guarantees full correction of the deformed club foot within 4 weeks only in a newly born infant without any recurrence of the problem in the future if the family is cooperative.

Dr. Elbatrawy treats many congenital bone problems such as: Fibular Hemimelia, Tibial Hemimelia, Radial club hand, congenital short femur, short Humerus, short arm and forearm also short 4th toe problem or any short finger or toe .

Most of patients like to keep their operation as a confidential matter. Dr. Elbatrawy respects patient wish to keep their operation confidential.

For that reason, not a lot of photographs will be available online in this web site, but many could be showed over Dr. Elbatrawy laptop in his center as his patients permitted him to do so.

The photographs will not show the patients personality as his face will be covered and if happened, this means that it happened by a patient’s permission.

Dr. Elbatrawy does not mind to lengthen those patients once they meet the criteria for lengthening. Please refer to: short stature lengthening strategy section of this web site.

Dr. Elbatrawy likes to help Achondroplastic dwarfs ( Achondroplasia patients ) to achieve lengthening, so they can do better jobs and can do things that normal stature people can do. Up to 30 centimeters of lengthening could be achieved successfully in Achondroplasia or dwarfs.

It is not advised to lengthen Achondroplasia patients before age of 8 years as lengthening procedure can affect their natural growth. There is a special strategy for lengthening Achondroplasia patients that Dr. Elbatrawy follows to guarantee excellent results without affecting the body proportion and could be finished before the age of joining the university ( 18 years ).

Lengthening in Achondroplasia patients is easier than normal patients with possibility to lengthen up to 10 centimeters or more in every operation without affecting the good function of the joints. This because Achondroplasia patients have almost normal soft tissue envelope and they have only short bones of their limbs.

In Achondroplasia, it is possible to lengthen both lower and upper limbs.

Different techniques for lengthening of limbs are available:

  • External fixation only as:  Ilizarov ring fixator, Orthofix mono lateral fixator, Taylor Spatial frame and computer aided lengthening. Also Orthosuv new computerized device that works with a special software is used in Dr. Elbatrawy clinic.
  • Combined External and internal techniques as:  LON or lengthening over nail and LTN or Lengthening then nailing are used successfully in Dr. Elbatrawy clinic.
  • Only internal technique:  intramedullary lengthening as using ISKD or Fitbone and a new custom made French magnetic nail are used in Dr. Elbatrawy clinic.
  • Choosing the best method that suits the patient depending on individual patient needs, social and economic condition…etc.  This has to be discussed with Dr. Elbatrawy in detail to be able to choose the best technique that suits the patient’s needs.