Bone deformity ( deformities ) has many reasons. It could happen in babies and or children for congenital reasons or it happens in children and adults as a results of congenital or developmental or acquired reasons.

Congenital cases as CFD ( Congenital Femoral Deficiency ) named previously as PFFD ( proximal Focal Femoral deficiency ) or Fibular Hemimelia, Tibial Hemimelia, Radial or Ulnar Hemimelia, Congenital absence Radius, Club foot using Ponseti method and Congenital Vertical Talus using Dobb’s technique or reversed Ponseti. Congenital psudo arthrosis of tibia or clavicle or any other bone.

Developmental cases as post traumatic deformities, Blount’s disease, deformities after Ollier’s disease. Professor Elbatrawy is a specialist in treating deformities that originated as in the physeal growth plate as his doctoral degree study for 4 years was about this issue.

Our center in Cairo Egypt and in Cyprus ( Europe ) was the first specialized center in the whole area for correction of bone deformity and lengthening since the year 2002.

As Professor Elbatrawy is a well trained specialist and work for years in USA for 2 years with Dr. Dror Paley and Dr. John Herzenberg as well as with Dr. Kevin Tetsworth and Dr. James Binski and also he trained in Europe with the famous professors Roberto Cattaneo and Maurizio Catagni for 2 years and in Germany for Trauma surgery in Ulm with professor lother Kinzl for 6 months, then he is providing the best quality treatment and technique for that cases suffering from deformity problem.

Professor Elbatrawy is using the highest quality and most modern treatment for such cases and he is following the new techniques advised by Dr. Paley in treating cases of CFD and Hemimelia and he has his own technique for treating cases of Blount’s disease. He treated hundreds of cases of all kinds of deformities in the lower and upper limbs, Varus , Valgus , procurvatum or recurvatum or rotational deformities or combined complex deformities from all of the previous.

Professor Elbatrawy is using high quality material, devices and pins as well as nails and plates and screws of top Americans and European brands that are all FDA approved and CE certified which means that it is the same material that they use in USA and anywhere in Europe and although that, the cost of treatment in our center is very affordable comparing to the high cost in USA and west Europe.

Our new Center in Cyprus will serve European patients who is looking for high quality treatment options and also cheaper cost than in USA.

Professor Elbatrawy is not using only Ilizarov circular fixator as a method or technique for deformity correction but he is doing a lot of cases using Monolateral Orthofix or EPI fixator and TSF ( Taylor Spatial Frame ) and Hexapod Orthosuv as devices using computer software to correct all bony deformities simultaneously at the same time ( 6 dimension ) in an accurate way after doing 3 D CT scan and doing accurate pre operative computer planning using special software programs as Bone Ninja and others.

Almost Every month professor Elbatrawy is a visitor professor in some other universities and courses as well as congresses all over the world in USA, Europe, Gulf and Asia. Do not hesitate to consult him for your problem.